About Us

The soul and the driving force of the company is Marijan Ojsteršek, an excellent expert on meal business and design, a long-time creator of the products made by the former production company Aurea Celje and a creative director of the company Heledis.

His ideas and products (signs, awards, award plaques, medals, cups) were and are used for several generations of athletes, soldiers, policemen, customs officers and fire fighters in Slovenia and abroad. His signs (badges) for promotional sports activities were used by athletes around the world. Particularly valuable are recognition awards and commendations which he was awarded for the design and manufacture of signs, awards, knives and sabres for the Slovenian army. In his book Znaki slovenske vojske (“Symbols of the Slovenian Armed Forces”), a brigadier general Janez J. Švajncer expressed a special recognition of Ojsteršek’s exceptional sense for design and a great knowledge of military symbolism, which has significantly enriched the symbols of the new Slovenian Army and its members.

We have more than 30 years of rich experience of realizing the ideas through a detailed study of materials, construction of tools and cooperation with top experts from all fields of work (modellers, carvers, architects and engravers).  

Our strengths are: years of experience, tradition and a great recognisability.

Our vision:

Our vision is to continue our successful work in the area of design, creation and production of superior and aesthetically perfect products made of various eco-friendly materials (paper, wood, cotton, leather, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, glass and crystal). Our goal is to become the best manufacturer of such products in the region and beyond.

Our mission:

Our primary mission is to transform the dreams, wishes and requirements of our customers come true into the most aesthetic and effective products by using mainly natural, eco-friendly materials. Our aim is to install symbolism, art and passion into our products.

Our slogan: We make sure that your bold ideas become excellent products!

From simple natural materials and bold ideas we design and create wonderful products, full of passion, triumph and pride. Our products are worn on the chests of the bravest, the best and the most recognizable people. Our products reflect their content, quality and an exceptional design. We develop our customers’ bold ideas, dreams and wishes to get the right image and value.